Wishy the Bookworm Chipmunk

Wishy lives in Maine where the winters are very long. Like all chipmunks, Wishy stays underground in his burrow during the coldest months of the year. Things can get very boring in a burrow for a curious chipmunk like Wishy. Find out how he outsmarts winter with the help of a special friend!

Wishy the Bookworm Chipmunk is a Kindle picture book (with real photos) by Averyl Hill that tells Wishy’s special story. It’s for readers aged 3 – 6 and even adults, too! If you don’t own a Kindle that’s OK! Amazon offers a free app to read it on most any device including your phone.

New Vintage Christmas Image Catalog is Launched

We're excited to let you know that you can now purchase some of our finest vintage Christmas illustrations for immediate download!

Because we got an early start online in 2002, our infrastructure wasn't able to keep up with the times. We handled our image downloads manually which means they weren't instantaneous. Time is of the essence for many projects and we believe this will add value and convenience. Our images also didn't have a keyword tag and search feature; we welcomed and encouraged our customers to contact us so we could make suggestions. We realize that's not convenient or workable for everyone so we hope you will enjoy our speedy search feature that pulls up images with your requested keywords.

We invite you to click on "Christmas Images" in the navigation bar to peruse our beautiful digitized Christmas illustrations available for download.

New Website and Changes!

Welcome to the new online home of Hillstock!

We have deactivated the following vintage stock image and greeting card websites that have been online since 2002 so that we can better streamline and repackage our offerings to you: VintageClipArt.com, HillstockImages.com, RetroChristmasImages.com and RetroChristmasCards.com. Exciting projects are in the works! Check back here for the latest!