We're Purveyors of "The Good Old Days"


Wishy the Bookworm Chipmunk

A charming children's book about a chipmunk who outsmarts winter and loves old books. Contains original nature photography by Averyl Hill.

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Simple Living New England

A blend of raw honesty and curated natural beauty, Simple Living New England is a New England lifestyle blog about everyday enchantment on the coast of southern Maine featuring photography by Averyl Hill Est. April 2017. Also on Instagram.


High quality authentic vintage stock illustration

Since 2002 we've been a leading provider of commercial use vintage Christmas and Holiday stock illustration from the Victorian Era through the 1960s. Our clients worldwide include Fortune 500 companies as well as small ad firms, graphic designers, product manufacturers, non-profits, retailers and small businesses.


E-Book: american women didn't get fat in the 1950s

Averyl's heavily researched and controversial book revealed pre-BMI medical metrics for healthy weight and eating which were far more stringent and based upon medical studies instead of comparing people to a norm. Also included were vintage US government food recommendations and an examination of the psychological climate and marketing practices to women in the 50s. She offered suggestions for integrating “outdated” healthy practices and attitudes into a daily diet to combat and replace the toxic practices and processed foods prevalent today often mistaken for “progress.” For almost three months her book was in the top 100 diet books on Amazon Kindle and at one point was a top diet book on Amazon.

Retro Christmas cards printed on recycled paper

Hillstock Greetings are holiday reproduction cards and stickers imprinted with vintage images from the Art Deco period through the groovy mod 1970s onto 100% recycled cotton rag archival card stock with acid-free inks. Hillstock Greetings are manufactured and printed in our Maine design studio. After over a decade of production we have retired our exisiting line. We hope to bring a new retro line to market sometime in the future.