We've been a pioneer in the niche of vintage image licensing: Hillstock began selling vintage images online in early 2002. As we expanded our offerings over the years we always stayed true to our founding principles of honesty, integrity and high quality.

We publish ebooks that move forward with retro solutions:  Hillstock owner Averyl Hill combines her passion for wisdom of the past with her professional training in motivating people to facilitate positive changes. Our ebooks provide the tools needed for self-empowerment.

We only use original antique and vintage sources in our possession: The vintage image and text sources we bring to you literally span generations of collecting since Hillstock owner Averyl Hill's grandmother is herself a lifetime collector. Additionally, our home state of Maine is well known for its antique shops, old estate sales, auctions, flea markets and other places for acquiring authentic relics. If we're not busy at work in our studio we're most likely out treasure hunting to find the best sources for our offerings.

We only use legally & ethically acquired art sources: Intellectual property law is something we take very seriously. We research the copyright status before we will add an image to our stock collection or use in a unique design. If there's any doubt on our part, we don't use it. No exceptions.

We give back to the community: Since its inception, Hillstock has sponsored cages at our local animal shelters, was a national corporate sponsor of Toys for Tots in 2005, has donated art to decorate the rooms of residents at the Scarborough, Maine veterans home and provided stock images for the marketing of the historic Victoria Mansion in Portland. These are but a few examples.